History of The Star of Greece

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From this clifftop cafe at Port Willunga, the waters of the Gulf are like a millpond, so calm that it's hard to imagine the severity of the storm which once claimed the lives of seventeen men. The remains of the Star of Greece, a three masted, iron cargo ship wrecked here in 1888, provide a poignant reminder of the storms that can sometimes disturb this normally placid coastline near Willunga. It was off this point that the Star of Greece came to grief in July 1888 as she set off for Great Britain with her cargo of wheat. Some of the remnants of this three-masted iron ship can still be seen at the Port Adelaide Maritime museum. Sections of her hull remain on the ocean floor offering one of the most accessible diving spots in the State.  At low tide parts of the wreck are still visible from the shore.